Most companies can confidently tell you their business objective. They want to meet a sales target for a new product, claim dominant market share or double their customers by the end of the month. Ask these same people what their communications objective is and responses can be varied.

A communications strategy maps the best route to achieving your business goal. Built on evidence and insight, it plots the landmarks that must be reached along the way. It identifies the people who must join your cause and the tactics to convince them to do so. It defines what success looks like and holds you accountable to it.

You need a communications strategy that is easy to follow, no matter where you sit in an organisation. You need to switch seamlessly between online and offline channels and multipliers without losing the consistency of your message. You need an approach flexible to change, but sturdy enough to give you the confidence to respond effectively when the heat of a crisis is on. 

A comms strategy shouldn't be confusing. Contact us for an initial consultation and we'll provide a one-page strategy to get you on track.

With specialist experience guiding clients through reputation management in Japan and beyond, we provide remote and in-person communications consulting and training in the following areas:

  • Communications & brand strategy
  • Public relations
  • Campaign planning
  • Narrative development
  • Japan market entry & partnership
  • Product launches
  • Crisis communications
  • Spokesperson training
  • Social media policy
  • Reputation audit
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Evaluation & KPIs