About us

The Smith & Edit story begins with a goal of helping clients communicate effectively into and out of Japan. We provide quality English and Japanese content development, media relations and strategic communications PR consulting.

Frustrated by the lack of local options for those seeking fresh content to grow their audiences, we occupy a unique space that sits between monopolising agencies and purely digital outfits.

Straightforward and effective, we stand out by offering the access and cross-border insight of larger competitors, delivered as a personalised service that works to your needs and deadlines.

We operate across consumer, lifestyle, technology and industry sectors and work with clients at every stage of development, from market entry startups to established brands after fresh direction.

About you

You are unique, but guess what? So are your competitors. You know your business goals, but what's the story you need to tell? Is it a CEO you need to reach, or their gadget-loving teenager? How will you know they've taken notice?

In a world of echo chambers and information overload, you need credibility, personality and brand values squeezed into every word to make your voice persuade more than all others.

You're looking for crisp content that brings your business to life. You're wondering how to localise it. You need to get it in the hands of journalists, noticed by search engines and read by humans.

You need an easy-to-follow communications strategy that prioritises your growing to-do list, lays out practical next steps and evaluates results to keep you learning and your business winning.

Meet S&E's founder.


The smith crafts from iron and steel. The editor tailors to fit. We forge bespoke content from traditional communications principles. We guarantee quality, timely copy our clients are proud of. We customise and strike a target audience with accuracy, insight and a compelling narrative. We understand local mindsets and know how to use storytelling and marketing to craft business communication that does more than turn an SEO robot on. We use copywriting to create a distinct voice and drive a clear call to action.


Big agencies monopolise at the expense of human relationships. We’re internationally-minded but grown in Asia and know how to get things done locally. We offer a direct path to major media outlets, key journalists and influencers. Whether you need to reach mainstream and specialist audiences in Japan, or you're Asia-based and ready to go global, we have the network and expertise to transition smoothly across continents and cultures and make you stand out from the crowd.


Plenty of people can tell a good story, post a tweet or organise an event. But where is the golden thread that brings it all together? Have you got the strategic expertise to sustain interest and build a following? Whether planning a product launch or long-term communications strategy for government, global brands and startups, we build campaigns that change perceptions and increase bottom lines. We share Asia's love of detail, but hold clients to big picture goals that keep feet firmly on the path to success.