Media relations

Japan has the highest newspaper circulations in the world. Its largest paper reaches 14 million. That’s more than Britain’s combined. ‘Golden hour’ TV pulls in millions of viewers nightly. But it’s easy to get distracted by these numbers. Japan is also a nation of enthusiasts. Whatever your niche, there's a specialist publication out there with a motivated readership just waiting to consume your next big thing.

The principles of working with media in Japan are the same as anywhere. It’s about people. Access is critical, but successful businesses take time to build relationships, prove themselves with credible and newsworthy information and tell a story that resonates with current news and trends.

You need an expert with access to networks large and small, from global news conglomerates to local Japanese press clubs. You need the ability to shape mainstream conversation and secure endorsement from specialist influencers who will fly your flag on your behalf.

With our own roots in journalism, we provide remote and in-person media relations services in the following areas:

  • Japanese newspapers & print outlets
  • Specialist magazines & publishers
  • Terrestrial & satellite TV networks
  • Online news apps & aggregators
  • YouTube & blogger networks
  • International news outlets
  • Press release distribution
  • Earned & paid media placements
  • Media roundtables & briefings
  • Interviews & press events